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How I Take Sunrise and Sunset Photos

  How I Take Sunrise and Sunset Photos As a professional wildlife and action photographer I get all kinds of questions about how I take certain shots. From birds in flight to low-light shots like sunrises or sunsets. This is something I teach in my workshops and to individual clients but in this blog, I will share what equipment and settings I use to take my sunrise and sunset photographs. Sunrise/Sunset Photography Secrets It's no secret that photographers keep secrets! We have secret methods, secret settings, and secret places. I'm not as tight-lipped as some photogs I know; maybe it is because, when I was learning, I hoped someone would help me. They did and now I enjoy paying it forward. The place where I shot the above sunrise photo is one of my secret places. It's only secret, I guess, because not very many people are willing to get to it. I'll take any client to any of my secret places if they have the will, courage and stamina to get there! I frequently remind

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