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How I Photograph Rocket Launches

Rocket Launch Photography: With the introduction of SpaceX and Starlink into our lives, rocket launches are now becoming more and more common; not only here on the Space Coast of Florida, but also in California and Texas.   Next week SpaceX getting ready to launch their Falcon Heavy rocket (USSF-44, Oct. 31, 2022) and NASA is scheduled to launch their SLS (Artemis 1) and Orion capsule to the moon next month (Nov. 14, 2022), so I thought now would be a good time to put this post out.   The first time I photographed a launch was the very first Falcon Heavy rocket that SpaceX shot into outer space. It was an amazing event and one that got me hooked on rocket launch photography.   Currently, I’m not one of those lucky photogs who always gets to shoot from Canaveral, so I usually shoot from spots off the Base. Every time I am at a location setting up to shoot a launch I always draw a crowd of curious tourists wanting to know from which pad the rocket will launch or other hobbyist ph

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