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The Essence of Wildlife Photography: Part 1

The Essence of Wildlife Photography   This series of posts will be taken partly from my notes on a wildlife photography workshop that I give at the Ed Yarborough Education Center in the Geneva Wilderness area.   Part 1: Getting to Know Your Subject.   Because this workshop was for those who want to take their wildlife photography beyond just the “nature walk picture taking,” one of the first things you will want to do is really get to know your subject.   Sure, there are times when I head out to my favorite places with nothing particular on the menu to photograph; but for the most part I do have a specific target in mind and anything else that runs across my path is just gravy on the ‘taters.   So I do my research. The internet is a wealth of information. Just type your subject into your favorite web browser and tons of articles will pop up. For those of you in Florida, the Florida Fish and WildlifeConservation Commission is a great place to start. So whether my intended sub

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