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Adventure Photography

Welcome to the first of the many-to-come posts of TJ Waller Photography's Adventure Photography! I'm TJ Waller, owner and currently the sole professional photographer of TJ Waller Photography (hopefully that'll change!) and it is my sincere hope that I'm able to help all of you who are interested in what I call action and adventure photography!

Caracara Take Home Meal

What Is Adventure Photography? 

I guess "adventure photography" is a coined term of mine. I've never seen or heard it used before, so I'll go ahead and take credit for it!
What does adventure photography entail? For me, it's any type of photography that is not done specifically in a studio or where your subject is not strictly people. It can be people; don't get me wrong; shooting professional sports of any kind is definitely an adventure!

What I will try to do for all of you in my future posts is share my experience, trade "secrets", tips and tricks with you so that you will get the best photographs out of your family trip or adventure using all kinds of cameras including GoPros, DSLRs, Point-n-Shoot cameras, Dash Cams, phone cameras and even drones! And, if I'm perfectly honest with you, I'm also hoping you will want to hire me to take you on some of my adventures! They can be day trips lasting from an hour to pretty much the whole day! They can also be two-night camping/hiking trips to some of the coolest places in Florida!

Yuneec Typhoon H Plus drone shot "All Is Clear"
Sunrise with my Yuneec Typhoon H Plus drone

Adventure Photography Gear and Equipment 

I will also be sharing my reviews of photography, camping and survival equipment that I personally use in the field. I'm an Amazon Affiliate so you will have the opportunity to see what I use, how I use it and decide if it is something you would like to include in your equipment list.

Just Get Out There! 

So how do you start being an adventure photographer? Just get out there and start hiking, camping, walking, driving with whatever camera you can carry with you at the time! Sure you'll make mistakes; and you are more than welcome to contact me with any questions you may have, but don't let that stop you! In fact, here is my first tip that many folks just can't seem to grasp: When shooting a video with your phone, always be sure to rotate your phone to the horizontal position so that your videos will play in a "wide screen" format instead of the "profile" format. You can shoot pictures vertically or horizontally, but the best way for videos is in the horizontal position.

Visit TJ Waller Photography 

You can read more about me and my experience as a photographer and outdoorsman, see my action photographs and much more on my site tjwallerphotography.com. I invite you to browse my pages and have fun! See ya there or out in the field!

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