Florida Adventure!

Florida Adventure!

Well, the weather is changing fast! Even down here in Florida it is cooling down enough to break out the tents and hiking boots and have a comfortable photography adventure!

Friendly Glance

With the temperatures dropping even faster in our northern states - and COVID on the decline - now is when our Sunshine State will see an influx of visitors, bird watchers and adventurists from all around the country and the world!

Adventure Guide Extraordinaire

And, of course, this is where I come in.

For all of you who want to get a few photographs of certain specific birds and wildlife but don't want to waste much of your time looking for the places they may be, for the ones who want to step back

Pretty In Pink

in time and experience some Jurassic Florida, and  for those of you who want to learn more about wildlife photography, your best bet is to hire a guide. Someone who knows where the Roseate Spoonbills are. Someone who can safely handle a situation where a Water Moccasin is stretched across the narrow trail you happen to be walking on! Someone who can give you that one-on-one, personal instruction so important to long term learning and retention. 

Yes, that someone is me!  Not only do I offer photography guide

Ready to Strike!

services that cater to your specific need, I also offer day trips and camping trips that are sure to please and get you some awesome shots! 

The day trips can last two hours, half a day or all day long. The camping trips are either two day or three day trips. One of the most requested Adventure Camping trips is the Northern Everglade trip. Watch the video below to see just how fun and exciting things can get!

While you are on my YouTube channel, be sure to check out a few other of the Adventure Photography videos!

Send me an email at tj@tjwallerphotography.com or shoot me a text at 407-369-0545 for more information on these and other photography services I offer. If you call, be sure to leave a message if I don't answer. I'm probably out in the field on another photography adventure!

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